We’re #notstandingforit. Are you?

It’s time. Let’s shift how we think about disability.

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Now, it’s your turn. Tell the world. Make a move.



I love this. What can I do to help?

You can tell the world you’re #notstandingforit. We need your help to turn this move into a movement.

Most simply, please share our video on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Then tell your friends, family, neighbours, teachers, workmates, dogwalkers, yoga-instructors, baristas and anyone with ears that it’s time to shift how we think about disability.

Starting conversations is the most powerful tool you have to make a difference. Without you, we’re nothing. But together, we can be everything. We’re #notstandingforit any longer. Are you?

Will do! But, wait, what exactly is the issue?

One in five Australians lives with a disability. Yet, the dominant narrative around disability remains one of pity and of charity, rather than one of empowering potential and diversity.

Society expects too little from people with disabilities. It’s time we changed that. Let’s ditch the inspirational music and drop the pity. We’re #notstandingforit any longer.

This 60s clip, available on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, features four wheelchair users explaining how being called inspirational for doing mundane, everyday tasks can be damaging to people with disabilities.

While well-intentioned, narratives of inspiration and triumph reflect society’s low expectations of disability, reinforce negative stereotypes of pity and fragility, and may be internalised by people with disabilities as limits on their potential.

I see! So, what are you trying to achieve?

We believe perceptions are best changed through stories: ones that spark big thoughts, show old ideas in a fresh light and start open-minded—if difficult—conversations.

That’s why we’ve partnered with video wizards Ned Donohoe, Director of 25 Laps, and Oliver Knocker, a freelance video editor, to release a new online video campaign to reframe these entrenched expectations of people with disabilities.

We’re on a mission to change how we think about disability to create a more empowered, equal and inclusive world.

And, not being rude, but who are you?

We are Wheels in Motion: a not-for-profit working to improve the quality of life for people living with a disability—specifically, spinal cord injuries. We’re changing what people expect from those with a disability, and what people expect from a charity too.

We’re driving change with two signature moves:

  1. providing financial assistance to enable individuals to access rehabilitation services and equipment; and

  2. reframing society’s expectations of disability by building a community that includes and empowers, rather than pities.

This is not pity, it’s purpose. This is not charity, it’s change. This is not a cause, it’s a movement.

Press Kit

Let’s shift how we think about disability. We’re #notstandingforit any longer.

We need your help to tell the world: from your family and friends, to local and mainstream media.

For fresh materials to share, please download our Press Kit. It includes all the templates, images and links you’ll need!

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